We the humans

It is believed by many scientists that the human race is the result of long-term evolution of many unicellular organisms that existed millions of years ago. So, from the time a group of unicellular organisms decided to get together and take a new form, we have been evolving over time, from probably an algae or a bacterium to what we are right now. Before we became humans we would have been a plant, an animal, a bird and all that one can see around. Later we became humans,  who are considered as the pinnacle of creation. We, the ultimate creation till now, have a unique power – Sixth sense – at least that is what we are forced to believe. The power to sense things using the mind, with which we are able to discriminate things – good and bad being the most common of all discrimination. This is a boon as well as a bane in my opinion. Continue reading

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5 things that I badly miss!

If Farhan Akhtar can sing a song on what he lost/missed in 7 days, why can’t I write about 5 things I miss since a year? Hence this post. The following is not an exhaustive list but something that I badly miss and want them back right now!

1. Mom’s tasty food: After having tasteless, unhealthy food for more than a year, I’ve even started to think- Should I eat? At times I wish that God did not give me this particular desire called hunger. If I don’t eat my body abuse me and if I eat my taste buds abuse me: that’s the sad situation I’m in. Now when I think of mom’s ‘then-tasteless-spinach-curry’ my brain sends signals to flood my mouth with saliva, indicating that it is longing for something good.

2. The warmth of my mother’s hug: Ah! I don’t even want to talk about that, it’ll make me very emotional.

3. Dad’s timely advice: which of course I hated at that time.

4. A feeling that someone’s waiting for you back home: These days when I return back from work since there is nobody waiting for me, I feel so lonely, worthless sometimes. Either my friends would not have reached or they would be sleeping. During those days mom would always be there at door step with a smile, a smile which can relieve you from any kind of sorrow.

5. Totally unlimited fun: Though life is not boring these days, the fun I had during those days, when there was no specific responsibility on my shoulders, is something that I’m missing right now.

Let me end this post with the hope that life will give me one more chance – the chance to grow up once again!


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I’m back – If you like it or not!

It’s been almost two years since I blogged. And I have a very common, often heard excuse – No ‘Four-lettered-profanity’ing time. If any organization decides to present The Most Popular Excuse, this would win without any real competition. But actually when somebody says ‘I don’t have time’,  one should interpret it as ‘I’m not interested’!
Two years in one’s life can be really long. Longer when you look back and  realize how good it was than you really thought at that time and how well you could have enjoyed it! A lot many things can change in this time.

In this two years, I’ve started to earn – a job that I like? (Well you can expect a dedicated post on this topic! It’s a pretty important topic that it calls for due respect and importance!) Reality shows have become more unreal than ever. Bollywood and the other woods of India have started to compete with Hollywood, be it in technical aspects, quality of movies, steaming hot scenes(probably we have an upper hand in this category). Katrina Kaif is sexier than ever. India has a better stand in the world forum. Scams range from a few crores to lakhs of crores and any scam less than this range is laughed at and is not classified as scam. More Indians have started appearing in the Forbes list when more than half of Indian population still suffer and find it difficult to meet their daily basic needs! In short India continues to be the land of contrasts.

And two years is short to change certain things. I’m still entangled in the web. Indians are still crazy about cricket and cricketers even though hockey is still officially the national sport! The concerned authorities tried a lot to increase the popularity of hockey by sexy advertisements, also by forcing popular cricketers to watch hockey matches – nothing worked. Google rules the web! Politicians and many public servants continue to embarrass and trouble us by being corrupt. India-Pakistan peace talks remains unsuccessful. Kasab is still alive, having a very secured life than ever. Mohanlal, Mammooty, Rajni Kanth, Kamal Hasan and many other old Telugu and Kannada actors continue to play the lead roles in movies and the age of their actresses are less than half their age even now! On a very trivial note, I’m still single – not even a single girl has won my heart – even as I write this sentence and complete it with a dot.
Now, after straying a lot from the topic, let me tell you  what I wanted to, I’m back – if you like it or not! Yeah! Why am I back? Wish I had a single reason but I do not. Some friends of mine encouraged me to write, I read a lot of books these days (at least more than what I used to before) and they induce me to write now and then, I am also trying to spend my time productively without wasting it by involving in brain damaging activities like watching television, sitting idle and the like.
The plan is to update often.
Till the next post,  Alvida! …
PS: One of my friends has started to blog. About him in his own words, he’s funny and a useless idiot! Visit his blog if you care: Muskeetoh
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A charmer

One fine afternoon, I was napping, as usual. Suddnely!

Hit it. Hit it! Kill. Kill. There! There! Go. Go. Thud. Thud. Thump. Cling. Cling. Thud! Followed by a silence. Then,  “I think it is gone”…

This woke me up. I did not know what was happening. In that drowsy state I thought I was in some sort of a war zone. But my mom told me that our neighbour caught sight of a poor serpent and that they were behind that, trying to kill it! People know that snakes don’t harm them unless they do, but still they get terrified at the sight of a snake and, immediately want to kill it.  Somehow the snake hid in a very comfortable place, away from its killers. Now that they know a snake is there in their backyard, they wanted to make sure that it is either killed or driven away. So, they decided to call a snake charmer and catch it.

I was intrigued. Can he catch it? Like we see in the movies? It was the first time I was going to see a snake charmer. I waited but unfortunately couldn’t see it since I had to go to my friend’s place. My dad like the rest who gathered there (there was a huge crowd, seriously) had taken the video of it.

This is what happened. This is what I saw. This guy comes in, enthusiastically. He had already become a hero – all were expecting him to catch the snake. He enquired my neighbour and they pointed to the location where they saw it last. He moved here and there. Made some skillful moves and pointed to a direction and said don’t go there the snake might be there. He placed something (the thing wasn’t clear in the video and dad also doesn’t know what it was) there. And after sometime, the snake came from exactly opposite direction! The snake charmer said, “See, didn’t I tell you it is there?”, pointing to the snake. (Dude everyone knows the snake is there, and that is the reason you are here). But nobody said a word. My neighbour wanted the snake and the others wanted some entertainment for that evening. Both got what they wanted, they were happy. He then caught the snake tactfully, skillfully, removed the poison and was posing for the photos. Lots of clicks. A new hero was born there.


The snake charmer absolutely charmed the crowd, I’m not sure of the snake. Hope he doesn’t kill it.

Live and let live (be it an animal or a human being)


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Thanks to…

SivaAnna, Vek, Ramji, NivinM, Vivin, Aaru, Sayee, Rajgopal, Suruchi, Abillash, Harish, JaiShankar,  Aswathi, Bharu, AlVinod,  Jai(Ho), Subbu, MSK, Vikas, Soma, GayathriAkka, Mappi,  Sukanya, John, PinkyChechi, Dharani, GuruAnna, VijuEta, Jeydev, Maku, C, Abhishek, Jagan, Sunny, Sujatha, MenonSir, Gaurango, Jithu, Venkitesh, Anjana, DeepaChechi, Pooja, Nandita, Sarang, SaravanaAnna, VickyAnna, Vicky, Chicken, Janaki, Karthik, VivekSudan, Taunkji, Pradeepo, BalBalaji, Karthi, AswathEtta, AjithEtta, SwapnaChechi, Dhanya, Meera, Dhrishya, Coundz, SharadaChechi, VigneshSuryah, Shimranath, Dileep, Vaishak, Gokul, Thiru, TheMaester, Kishore, Ashwin, ArunSundar, Chakki, KC, Arjun, Mapla, HariEtan, Sudeep, Senthur, Tamil, Kalro, SltRohit.

Thank you so much guys, for your wishes! This is the first time so many people have wished me on my birthday. Till now only a few of my friends wished me but this time…! Wow! Thank you so much!!!  Never expected it!

Thanks for all the scraps, SMSs, and calls. You made it a happy day!

Thank you guys. Once again.


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A recent IM conversation

This is a part of the conversation I had with one of my friends Krishna Kumar aka Mappi, two days back. Have a look at it!


me: mappi.. wat is irony actu.. always had this doubt

Mappi: ummm

u say one thing

and something exactly opposite happens

kinda like

u say u can nvr be beaten

and when ur done saying it

ur on the floor


me: oh ok!

Mappi: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irony

irony cannot be exactly described


me: thats the irony part

Mappi: i was partly right i guess

direct opposite of the percieved truth best example of irony

i got was from a cartoon


“so much a part of me and yet, I have to rip u apart”


me: hypocrisy is wat u said


Mappi:            no

Mappi: hypocrisy

is different

hypocrisy is claiming you are something you are not

me: ok!

Mappi: irony

is close to the truth

but just not true enough

its something like

I believe I’m the strongest on this planet, until i got

beaten 2 secs   later


me: hmmm

Mappi: hypocrisy is saying I am as bad as K* at amrita


me: hehe

Mappi: and yeah

another good example

u see droopy?

in tom and jerry kids?

me:      yea

Mappi:droopy says, “I’m sooo happy!!!”

with a blank face



me: hmm…

the word itself is confusing

Mappi: irony is so much a part of our life

yet we know very little about it


the very fact that we are going to work in a software company

after studying mechaal engg

is ironic


me: hmm..

Mappi: yeah

u know what?

what we are discussing proves how jobless we are…

me: very true man!

Mappi: ironically, people might think we are pursuing a degree in english


me: hehe

wat the hell are we discussin!



This continued, to various topics like the movie QGM, existence of God etc., till my mother called me for dinner. I never thought I would chat on topics like “irony”! The sad thing is that even after such a long discussion I’m not sure what irony really is. It just shows how awfully jobless I am now. Thanks to recession,I reckon most of the engineering graduates are in similar condition. God save us!


Good night!

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India Forces into F1 Arena


I never thought Force India car would finish a race this year. If I am not wrong, the team’s plan itself was to finish a race in this season and may be think of a podium finish in the next. But to everyone’s surprise its a podium finish today at Belgian Grand Prix, missing the first position by .9sec. I guess even Vijay Mallya would have been surprised at this result.  But Fisichella raced really well. If Ferrari did not have the KERS system, I guess Force India would have finished first and we all could have heard Indian anthem in Belgium. But then, a good race. Well done mate. Next time finish it off!

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Life at crossroads…

Life, at times puts you at crossroads. You just can’t decide what to do especially when there are many options open before you, each alluring with its promise of success and happiness. You yourself have many dreams and on top of that other people- those who care and also those who don’t – opine. You are not sure which is correct- yours or the others. Believe me, it is tough.

crossroads2People opine with respect to their right and wrong, their concept of success and failure, which is always subjective. They won’t know what exactly is good for you. When you decide on something, you take into account what is good for you and what is not.

By making your own decision, you are doing something that you want to and not what others want you to. Then again, making the right decision alone is not everything, what really matters is what you do after deciding. How well you execute your plan afterward. That is what makes something fruitful.  Since you are following your dream and want to realize it somehow, you will give your one hundred percent.

At end of it you either regret your decision or feel content. But it was your decision… you wrote your own destiny, which is the most important thing. You did not live someone else’s life! Follow your dream- something which I did not exactly four years back and I regret that now.

This is my opinion. A lesson learnt from a decision I made previously. Life could have been different, had I learnt this earlier… if I had just given it a thought, then.

Does opportunity knock the door for the second time? Hope it will, for one last time.

Good day folks!

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Some Qs w/o As

Looking for answers to the following questions.

  • I’ve heard so many people talk about how great Indian culture is/was. But do they really know what Indian culture actually is?
  • What happens to the costumes -which are worth some thousands- that the actors and actresses wear in movies? Do they reuse it in another movie or keep it for themselves or are they auctioned? (I know there are crazy people dying to buy them).
  • Why are most of us only concerned about salary and not about the kind of work?
  • How is the new gay law going to ensure equality in India, as they say? What did they mean by that statement?
  • When the English doesn’t mind speaking erroneously, why do we Indians give more importance to English grammar?
  • Is there any reality behind the so called reality shows?
  • Is Google really spying on us and is it going to rise above everything and rule us one day? If you are not sure of what I am talking about check this.
  • What happens to our e-mail ids and social networking site profiles and all those online memberships, after we die? Who owns them afterward?

But, why am I writing this here when I’m sure nobody is even going to read this? 🙂

Alright now that you have read this, and before you declare these to be stupid questions let me ask you, do you have answers? Please let me know. Eagerly waiting…


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Entangled in the web

After my college, life hasn’t been beautiful. Lots of time to kill but there is practically nothing to do or that is what I feel. I’m just aimlessly idling in bed or in front of the computer, signing-in to the virtual world. That’s it. The only good thing that has happened during these days is that I’ve started reading books. Thanks to my friend without whom I wouldn’t have started. He influenced me in a sense. 😉

addictComputer and internet play a major role in our lives these days. It has actually crept into our system that we are dependent on them so badly. Whenever I misplace something or finding something becomes difficult, I wonder if I had a google.com or a Ctrl+F shortcut key… This shows how dependent I am on computers/internet. I’m addicted!

On one hand these social networking sites help us to keep in touch with our pals but on the other it has also enslaved us. Like all the other technologies, internet has its own advantages and disadvantages. Unfortunately our human mind easily succumbs to the disadvantages. I don’t know whom to blame – the technology or my monkey mind!? I should find out a method to come out of this addiction. Is there any rehabilitation centre for these addictions?

Every night I say to myself, “Ok I should stop this. I’m not going online tomorrow”, but the first thing I do is that. I go online saying, “I’m just gonna check my mail. That’s it. Its gonna take few minutes.” Later I realise that it has been more than an hour, I’m not checking mails but I’m somewhere else, entangled in the web! May be I have a very weak will power.

Though being online, browsing and reading, downloading stuffs, chatting etc. have helped me a lot but it is taking away my sleep – sleeping at odd times. I’m missing all the fun in the outside world. I knew Obama was going to have a new pet even before he actually bought it but didn’t know that my neighbour died, I knew it only two days after! I also miss one or two odd cricket matches that I used to play with my friends. The casual talk with my family and friends. I used to do a lot in those days, not now! I miss them! 😦

There should be a way out to stop this! But the question is, can I? Any remedies guys?

-A frustrated addict yelling for help.

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